90SMART LCD Display Tire Pressure Monitor System w/ 4 External Sensors



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The Tire Pressure Monitoring System could monitor tire dynamic pressure, which helps you avoid tires puncture and leakage, save fuel, reduce tire wear and increase traffic safety.Wireless TPMS real time monitors the pressure and temperature of the tires and battery voltage with the digital LCD screen,help you monitor the vehicle from various aspects. Inbuilt 1.5 A charging port is suitable for charging on the journey.The monitor supports visual and audible warning,Bar/Psi pressure, / temperature unit for selection,clearly showing exact reading at day and night.The default alarm pressure is: 2 Bar/3 Bar(29 Psi/44 Psi) and can be customized by 2 buttons.Easy DIY installation within 15 minutes, no risk to destroy tires. Great device with anti-theft, waterproof and dustproof external sensors for old cars.One replaceable CR1632 battery could last 2 years.First use, install 4 sensors then turn on the monitor. When the car runs for about 2 minutes, the monitor can receive the sensors data on time. Since the monitor has no battery so it should be connected to the cigarette lighter when you use it.When put the monitor in a power outlet that turns off with the engine, the monitor would save its last readings. The tire pressure data would update after a few seconds as you start the car, no need driving. The system will work even if the car is not in motion.Kindly note:1. Available for 4 tires household vehicles up to 6 meters.Special car style like sport cars, trailers, trucks will not be available.Sensor signal distance: The normal distance is 3-5 meters (10-16 ft). Beyond 10 meters (33 ft), the signal would not be clear.2. The TPMS couldn’t deal with vehicles that require different alarm tire pressures in different tires.3. The alarm won’t be low even if you have the radio going. You could stop it by pressing random button.4. You should use the included sensors, not factory (OEM) sensors. Or it won’t work with the monitor.5. Please refer to the detailed instruction manual. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at the first time.Specification:1.Pressure Range: 0-3.5 Bar (50.75 Psi)2. Default alarm value: 29 Psi-43.5 Psi/ 2 Bar-3 Bar. The high alarm value could be customized between 1.1 Bar-3.5 Bar /15.95 Psi-50.75 Psi.3. Pressure Sensitivity: +/-0.1 Bar (1.5 Psi)4. Temperature monitoring:-40 ℃-+130℃. Only alert if the temp is higher than the default value 70℃(158℉).The temp alarm value also can be customized between 60℃-90℃(140℉-194℉).5. Monitor Display Size: 1.02*1.57 inches (26*40 mm), suitable for usual cigarette lighter..sku-text{font-size:13px;width:898px;margin:5px 0;font-family:’Verdana’;}Multi-directional monitoring1. Vehicle battery voltage monitoring 2.Real-time pressure monitoring3. Temperature gauge 4. USB port design5. Visual and audible warning, 6. Digital LCD screenBrief look of monitor1. Left button (+)2. Pressure unit3. Pressure data4. Battery voltage5. Right button (-)6. Temperature unit7. Temperautre data8. Warning indicatorDurable sensor1. Dustproof 2. Waterproof3. No fly away 4. Anti-theftReplacement of CR1632 battery (last 2 years)Sensor installation1. Unscrew the valve cap 2. Screw in the hexagon nut3. Put in the washer 4. Inser and tighten the sensor5. Tighten the hexagon nut to the sensor following reverse direction with spanner6. Test air leakage with soapy waterGeneralBrand90SMARTModelN/AQuantity1 pieceMaterialPlastic & MetalSpecificationTransmit Frequency433.92HzQuiescent Current6ATransmit Current6ASpeaker Power0.03WAlarm Volume80dBWorking Voltage 5VLoud HailersNoRemote Control Range30mPacking List1 x Tire Pressure Monitor 4 x Tire Pressure Sensors 1 x Hexagon nut wrench 4 x Hexagon nuts 1 x ManualPackage Weight:0.364kg (0.802lb)Package Size:16cm x 10cm x 6cm (6.30in x 3.94in x 2.36in)